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На официальном сайте Стефана, когда он ещё не был столь официальным, был интересный интер-актив. Поклонники из разных стран писали Стефану, несколько раз в год Стефан на них отвечал. Сейчас на сайте этого уже нет. Но те, кто не застал прекрасные времена, могут прочитать это и сегодня.

February 28, 2004

Wayne Harrison (Quarry Bank, West Midlands, UK):
My first question is, do you ever get dizzy when you spin (!) and my second question is, are we going to see you skate in Britain in the future? You have A LOT of fans in the U.K who would love to see you in person...

Yes, I get a bit dizzy, that's why I usually put the big spins at the very end of my programs…
Apart from the Europeans and Worlds, I have no idea where I'll perform these coming years. Until June, the priority is school, but after that, I don't know… I can't say if and when I'll come to Britain.

Guyleen (Nendaz, Switzerland):
You say that Alexei Yagudin is one of your favorite skaters. Now that he's turned pro, aren't you disappointed by the fact that you won't compete against him anymore? Wouldn't you have been incredibly proud to steal "his" first place and only let him the silver medal?

Honestly, I never even wondered about that. I respect him very much, so I'd have been very proud to beat him, but I wouldn't have been like "yeah, cool, I beat Yagudin!" And I don't know if I'd ever been able to anyway, because we'd have grown and improved differently, it sure wouldn't have been easy!

CSILLA (Hungary):
My question is: why do you want to go to Portugal for holidays? Because it's my favorite country and I want to go there too!

Because I'm half Portuguese ! My mom comes from Portugal, we have family there… I have latino blood in my veins, I love the South…

Please can you tell me what make of blades you have?
Also have you ever thought about breaking Lucinda's World Record for spinning?

They're Pattern 99.
I did think about it. When I heard that she had done that and was in the World Records book, I thought "why not me?" But well, to get there, I'd have to practice my spins a lot more!

I saw that you skated a free program to the Cirque du Soleil music Quidam. Would you ever do something like that again? For example to Alegria?

It's not impossible. I love the Cirque du Soleil, I feel strength in the music…

Tatyana (Russia):
1. I read that you trained with Alexei Mishin in St-Petersburg. Has his advice helped you? Will you continue training with him? Did you like St-Petersburg?
2. You performed in difference countries. In which country do you like performing most (except Switzerland)?
3. Could you be a coach when you finish skating?

1. His pieces of advice are very useful and constituent. I don't know if I'll train with him again though. St-Petersburg is absolutely amazing, a beautiful city, the most beautiful maybe, spacibo bolshoye !
2. I love Mexico because it's very warm there !
3. No. I have other projects, and I'd like to study at the university.

Rebecca (Houston, USA):
1. How did it feel to skate a great program at Europeans, and place 6th?
2. What did you think about the amazing Hungarian crowd? What was it like, having all the Swiss fans in the audience?
3. Where did you learn to spin the way you do, did you learn from Lucinda Ruh, Nathalie Krieg, ...?

1. I was very happy and relieved to be able to show a good program after the previous disasters…
2. I was disappointed that there weren't many people for the qualifications and the short program. Luckily it was almost full for the free, and my fans were awesome, they gave me strength!
3. By eating Swiss chocolate ! I've learned a lot by myself actually…

Bernadett (Hungary):
Your symbol is the ladybird. I'm sure it's a repeated question, but I didn't read anything about it, so why is it and where does it come from?

I've loved ladybugs since I was a little kid, I loved the Disney movies ["Herbie The Love Bug" in English] and in my culture it's a lucky charm…


December 28, 2003

Rebecca (USA):
1. What goals do you have for your upcoming competitions?
2. Which Swiss skaters are you friends with?
3. When did you and Carolina meet, and how long have you two been together?
4. Do you enjoy Carolina's skating and do you guys root each other on in competitions?

1. I just want to skate as well as possible and have fun on the ice. I'm not even dreaming of medalling in any international event this year, because of school.
2. I hang around with Jamal (Othman), Patrick (Meier) and Sarah (Meier) at competitions. I also really like the Hugentoblers, I still haven't gotten over the fact that they stopped skating!
3. We met in the summer of 2002, when I was at a camp in Oberstdorf. So we've been together for 1 year ½, unless you only count the time that we've actually spent together!
4. Of course! In competitions, we're together all the time and we support and motivate each other! I love everything she does, she has a wonderful 'touch' that no other lady has!

Julie (Switzerland):
1. How's the atmosphere before the competitions? Do you talk with your 'opponents' or does everybody stay with their team?
2. Are you also stressed before exhibitions or only before competitions?

1. well, I'm usually totally stressed, so I start singing and get on everbody's nerves! LOL so I don't know if you consider that as 'talking' to the other skaters, but they do hear me!
2. I am, but it's a very different kind of stress. It's not the same pressure, just the will of skating well to make the audience enjoy my programs…

I'd just like to know what made you take up skating, and what makes you enjoy it so much! and your favourite part of skating.

My sister started skating and since my mom didn't want to leave me alone at home, I went to the rink with them. I was 7 then, and I really wanted to go onto the ice too. My mom told me to try ice hockey, but I wanted to do like my sister! So I hanged on and now my mom is very proud of me!!
I don't have any favorite part in figure skating, I just love the sport as a whole.

Anastasia (Russia):
I saw you at the Cup of Russia and noticed that while looking at ice dancing, the only skaters you didn't clap for were the Russians, and during the exhibition, the situation was the same - you applauded Evgeni Plushenko, but not the others Russian participants. Does it mean that you don't like Russians in general and skaters in particular?

Are you kidding? Russian skaters are the ones I admire most, they inspire me so much! Ilia Kulik and Alexei Yagudin are among my all-time favorite skaters! So I'm sorry if I gave you that feeling, but it really isn't the case!

Naomi (Japan):
1. How do you find the new judging system?
2. When you are nervous, what do you do to relax?
3. What is the meaning of your name "Stephane"? What is your nickname?
4. I searched for Saxon on videos and guidebooks, but I can't find anything. Is there any specialty? Tell me, what is your home town like? Could you please show some pictures?
5. You spend one hour and a half from your skating club to your house. Why don't you move to a nearer place to the club?

1. Fantastic!!!… honestly, I really find it great, I especially like the fact that now it’s possible to know what other skaters did in competitions!
2. As I answered to another girl, I sing and get on everybody's nerves!!
3. it means "crowned" [it's the French version of 'Stephen' and comes from the Greek]… My friends just call me Stéph, I don't have any other nickname.
4. Saxon is a very small place, in the mountains, quite famous for its apricots, and some people say that I'm the other speciality! LOL Go check the homepage of Saxon to see some pictures!
5. well, my school is 1 hour ½ away from my rink, so I can't really move!


October 9, 2003

Naomi (Japan):
1. You visited Japan for the World Championships and for a Junior Cup. What did you think of Japan?
2. You speak French, German, English, Portuguese. What language do you speak with your Italian girlfriend?
3. What are you interested in Portugal?
4. What kind of brands do you like?
5. Please introduce your family.

1. I think Japan is a very original country with a very interesting culture. I especially liked the beautiful temples and palaces.
2. We speak mostly in German, sometimes a bit in French and Italian... but German is really the language we use the most.
3. Since I'm originally from there, I really like everything, especially the athmosphere and the mentality... I'm latino, it's in my blood, so I really enjoy Portugal!
4. I like all brands! I'm a real fashion victim!!
5. My family is great, they help and support me a lot! My mom works in a hospital, my sister studies medicine and my brother is finishing the mandatory classes...


September 3, 2003

Freddy (New York, USA):
Can you tell me at what age you landed your first double axel and your first triple? Also, at what ages did you experience great technical growth in your skating, for example between 13-14 years old or 10-11 years old.

I landed my first double axel when I was 9, and the triple toe-loop when I was 10. I noticed big technical improvements between 9-11 years old (I landed all the doubles and my first triple jumps), 13-14 (most of the triples) and 17-18 (triple axel and first quads).

Petra (Czech Republic):
I had the chance to take a trip to Switzerland and your country really impressed me. May I know what you cherish the most about it? And it's said that Swiss people are always on time - is it the case with you?

What I like the best about Switzerland it's how calm and clean it is... And Swiss chocolate, especially the new Lindt Excellence with nuts and caramel - it's really excellent, it makes me melt!
As for me being on time, no! I told my mom I'd be home by 5pm, it IS 5pm and I still have a 1-hour-1/2 drive to get home...


July 3, 2003

Terry (San Francisco, USA):
I was wondering why Swiss skaters are so talented at spinning. There have been so many Swiss skaters that have excelled in spinnng over the years.
Do you feel good spinning should receive more credit in the judges' marks?

Swiss can spin so well thanks to the good Swiss chocolate! That makes them fat, which then creates a better centrifugal force and therefore makes them spin faster!!! LOL No, seriously, Swiss skaters give more importance to the spins, already when they're really young...
I think that the spins are given more credit with the new judging system, that's not too bad, but still, I wouldn't mind getting even more credit - spinning takes me more energy than jumping in my programs.

March 6, 2005

Julie (Fribourg, Switzerland):
1. How do you find Lausanne? Do you often go out or do you prefer to stay at home and watch a movie?
2. Are there autograph sessions organized for your fans to meet you?

1. It's for sure different from Valais [Swiss state where Stéphane comes from]. It's very handy to have everything right on the spot and not to have to drive too far to do some shopping or rent a DVD. I like staying at home and relax, but if I have something to celebrate, I'll go out and party!
2. Not really, but it's possible to meet me when I skate at smaller exhibitions.

Anouck (Lausanne, Switzerland):
1. How are your studies going?
2. Do you have enough spare time to go shopping in Lausanne?
3. Did you like the concert of the first French Star Academy in Geneva in the spring of 2002?

1. I don't go to the university anymore. In the fall, I was supposed to go 12 hours a week, but since I started skating again, I hadn't been in class much…
2. Yes! But I can control myself.
3. I loved it!

1. Your style has something very special and it might be the way you move your upper body, which sometimes seems "separated" from the rest of your body. It gives the impression that it's not controlled, but also a very interesting artistic effect. Are you aware of this and is it something that you like or that you'd rather change?
2. Brian Joubert talks about the "psychological strength" that Yagudin has given him, and I have to say that he's proved to be more confident lately. Don't you feel that you should also try to get such support?

1. I know that my upper body is not very controlled, but I mean to do it like that, it gives me a feeling of freedom.
2. I have a team that takes care of me very well and I feel strong. But it's not as easy as it sounds…

Guyleen (Nendaz, Switzerland):
What's your opinion about the collaboration between Brian Joubert and Alexei Yagudin?

I've never seen them work together and I've never seen Alexei Yagudin supporting Brian at a competition I also skated at, so I don't really have an opinion about that.

Muriel (Zurich, Switzerland):
1. What do you think of animals?
2. Do you like going to the circus?
3. Do you speak German German or also Swiss-German [a dialect], and if so, with which accent?

1. I don't like insects, spiders and such little things, except for ladybugs of course. My favorite animals are the big cats, I find them beautiful and powerful, and I also like the animals that live in the savanna. I'd love to have a cat again, because Sabri's now living at one of my mom's friends and I don't see him any longer.
2. Yes, I do, especially to the Cirque du Soleil.
3. I speak German German, and I understand Swiss German if I know the person who speaks it, if I'm used to their voice.

Rafa (Mexico):
1. Do you agree that the music from the Cirque du Soleil is perfect for your style?
2. Do you feel ready to challenge Plushenko, Goebel and Joubert?
3. Do you believe that international judges like your style?

1. Yes, it's perfect for me, but there are many other pieces of music that also fit my style perfectly.
2. Yes
3. Yes

Elina (Latvia):
1. I am 16 years old, but unfortunately I don't know how to skate. It would be great to learn, but it would be even better if you could teach me. Could you do that?
2. Why do you usually skate in black velvet costume?

1. No, sorry, I have neither the time nor the patience for that!
2. I like black, I like sobriety.

Taskira (Izhevsk, Russia):
1. How are you able to create such a different impression on ice from what you are off ice? I mean that when I see you on ice, you almost always have serious, tragic, dramatic programs, but in your life you seem to be so merry and funny. Well, actually I can only judge according to your answers on your site, for instance about the Swiss chocolate helping to spin. Can you guarantee that if I eat ten chocolate bars, I will be able to rock some championships in the coming years?
2. You've named Miss Spears as one of your favorite singers. Would you like to skate to her music?
3. Now that you've become really popular, what is the best thing you got from it: money, popularity, the opportunity to meet other celebrities, self-esteem or maybe just the opportunity to say that you're happy that your family can be proud of you?
4. Do you believe in destiny?

1. I don't want to make a fool of myself on the ice, I'd rather let other people do that. And yes, if you eat ten bars of Swiss chocolate each day for a whole year, you'll become a world champion! [Warning: Stéphane's insurance doesn't cover the medical costs of his fans.]
2. Yes, I'd like to skate on a remix without lyrics of Britney's music.
3. The best thing is just that I can do what I love, not everybody has that chance. I don't feel so famous, people don't recognize me in the streets.
4. Yes

Daniella (Mexico):
1. Do you know any Mexican skater?
2. Have you been to Mexico? Did you like it?

1. No
2. Yes, for a Junior Grand Prix, and I really enjoyed it.

Nadya (Russia):
1. What do you like more: to present or to be presented? What was the most memorable present for you?
2. What do you usually do if you're in a bad mood? How do you raise your spirits?
3. What kind of girl do you like? And what qualities do you appreciate in people?
4. It's perhaps a strange question, but do you like to walk in the rain?

1. Mmmh, it depends. I like to receive presents, but I also like to make people happy. And I still haven't received my most beautiful gift!
2. I listen to music, I scream, I get stressed, I sleep… I have many ways, and sometimes I need to use them all to feel good again.
3. She has to have something special. I don't like "perfect beauties", I prefer girls with character, like Audrey Tautou [French actress who played "Amélie"] for instance. And I like people who are ambitious and energetic, people who know what they want.
4. I love the rain. I dream of lying on a beach, at night, when it's warm and raining at the same time…

Noémie (Gorgier, Switzerland):
1. How did you enjoy Art on Ice with Seal? What did you think of the audience?
2. What do you think of Evgeni Plushenko?
3. Do you ever come to Neuchâtel?

1. Seal was so generous, he always told me a few words before we started our performance, and I love his voice. He's one of the artists I had the most fun working with, I really enjoyed it. I found the audience I bit cold though, both in Lausanne and in Basel.
2. I really admire the skater, he has some amazing technical qualities. Off-ice, well, I don't know him well enough to judge him.
3. Not really, I just drive through when I go to Gampelen to see the lady who makes my costumes.

Many people:
Are you still with Carolina?

No, but we've stayed very good friends and we often call each other.


September 24, 2004

Judith & Ulrike:
1. Do you listen to any Portuguese music? If yes, what kind?
2. Do you know René Aubry? We think that his music would really match your style.

1. Besides Nelly Furtado, I don't listen to any Portuguese musician.
2. Yes, I know him but I also know that the judges don't really like his music…

Maria (Moscow):
1. I know that you have visited St Petersburg. Were you inspired by that trip to read any Russian authors?
2. Do you play any music instrument?

1. No, I don't read a lot and I've never read any Russian author.
2. I would really like to play the guitar but at the moment, I don't have the time to…

Krista (The Netherlands):
Have you ever thought of making the choreography of a free program yourself?

Partly, I create my programs myself. I come up with most of the ideas; Salomé helps me, gives me advice and supervises the choreography.

Sylvia Zou (Nanjing, China):
Have you ever been to China? How do you like China?

In 1998, I participated in the Junior Grand Prix in Beijing and I loved it! I would have loved to go back to China this year…

Helen (Greece):
1. What's your opinion about the Olympics, here, in Greece?
2. For which games did you by tickets?
3. Who is your favorite athlete?

1. It was awesome! I love the summertime, the Mediterranean atmosphere, the Olympics, it was wonderful! And I met Roger Federer, which was great.
2. I watched… cycling because it was free! *grin* I would have loved to watch some tennis but it was too expensive; gymnastics was sold out; athletics hadn't started yet and the beach volley stadium was too far from the city center…
3. Juan Carlos Ferrero and Venus Williams

Marta Kamer (Białystok, Poland):
Do you like other winter sports except for figure skating?

I love to ski and I would like to snowboard but I'm not allowed to…


May 16, 2004

Erica from USA:
1. If you had two hours with absolutely nothing you had to do, how would you spend the time?
2. What's your idea of the perfect date?
3. What is your favorite thing about competitions?
4. What other skaters are you friends with?

1. I'd crash on the sofa and watch a DVD of "Friends".
2. It has to be a surprise for her. I'd take her to a place she dreams of… but it really has not to be organized.
3. The atmosphere between the skaters. It's tense, but just too funny!
4. I get along quite well with all skaters, especially those coming from smaller countries. I don't have any "enemies", but my best friends aren't skaters either…

Someone from Vermont State (USA):

1. What would you do is you saw your crush/girlfriend making out with someone else?
(a.) grab the said person and beat them to death
(b.) scream your head off and curse in every language you know
(c.) walk away quickly
(d.) pretend it never happened

2. What would you do if you found $1,000,000 in the floor?
(a.) spend it right away before the person who lost it comes back
(b.) stick it in someone's pocket
(c.) turn it in to the lost and found
(d.) leave it

3. What 3 things would you need if you were lost on an island?

Music, a fridge full of good things and my friends… well, then I wouldn't be lost anymore, so if you want you can change that to sun lotion.

4. What would you do if someone was threatening your best friend?
(a.) tell an adult immediately
(b.) sit there and watch the action
(c.) lunge at the opposer and beat them till unconscious
(d.) distract the opposer so your friend can escape

5. What would you do if you were lost in a big city like New York or Tokyo?
(a.) go back to the hotel
(b.) sit in the middle of St. Mark's square
(c.) retrace your footsteps
(d.) scream until your family finds you

6. If you could trade places with one person for one day who would it be?

Britney Spears's producer

Dorothee from Germany:
1. Does your sister still skate or has she stopped because of her studies?
2. Has your brother also skated?
3. You're on the road all the time. How often do you see your family?

1. She stopped in 1996 or 97…
2. He tried, but I wanted to be his "coach" and kept telling him what to do and not to do, so he gave up after a week!
3. I see my mom every day, my sister on the weekends, my brother about once a month, and I never see my dad…

As a dancer, I have to ask: do you like to dance?

Yeah, a lot…

Quisi from USA:
I'd love to know what kind of off ice training you do, and how much and how often.

During the season, I have dance lessons twice a week and physical training also twice a week, and I do stretching every day… Off-season, I also do Pilates.

Nicole from Germany:
I'm wondering what you'd do if you weren't a skater. Also, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I'd be dead, because skating is what makes me live…
And I don't know, I don't plan that far ahead.

Susan (Montreal, Canada):
I'd like to know if it is true that you wish to become a doctor someday? I'm a med student and the studies are so time consuming. How do you manage your time between classes and skating?

No, I gave up that idea. It's just not for me, I'm an artist and I guess I'd rather live a "bohemian" life.
I manage to get through everything thanks to the many people who help me…

Rita Hypnarowski (California, USA):
1) Once school is over for you, how long would you delay school to keep skating full-time? Your fans want to see the incredible heights you will reach focusing solely on skating.
2) You've won over thousands and thousands of fans in North America, and with your high placement at 2004 Worlds, you will undoubtedly be asked to join one of the prestigious North American skating tours. Would you accept, or will you prefer to do only shows in Europe?
3) Do you rely on religion and spirituality to get you through your programs, or do you approach your skating *tests* with a lighter, more physical/mental approach?

1. I'll focus on skating until the Olympics in Torino. Beside that, I just want to perfect my English and learn how to play the guitar.
2. I'll accept when I'll have time.
3. I don't do any kind of psychological training.

Miriam Jorns (Switzerland):
How long did you need to land a secure quad?

Since I was quite eager and wanted to do quads quite early, let's say that it took me 3 years between the first time I tried and the moment I finally landed a good quad…

Marisa-Luana from Germany:
1) How do you choose your music?
2) How does it feel to be noticed by the whole world?
3) This may sound a bit provocative but it’s not meant that way: do you really write all these answers or do you "just" tell them to someone who then writes them down?
4) Are there letters from fans that particularly touch you?

1. I listen to lots of different music and watch lots of movies. When I find something, I ask someone to make an arrangement and then ask my coach what he thinks of it.
2. I enjoy that, I like being noticed.
3. I get help and I obviously don't answer in 3 languages.
4. Yes

1. Did you think the judging was fair at Worlds? Many say you should have been placed ahead of Stefan Lindemann of Germany. Do you agree or are you happy with your placement?
2. Carolina took a very nasty spill in her long program at Worlds. Did she hurt her head? Is she alright?

1. I'm very happy with my placement. I'd rather be fourth in such a high-level competition than win something when all my competitors fall.
2. She's fine, she didn't hurt her head.

Naomi (Japan):
At the European Championships, I saw Carolina and I noticed the gold ring on her ring finger of her left hand. I wonder if it is from you?

No, it wasn't that one!

June 18, 2005

Elena (Ishewsk, Russia)
1. When you were first after the qualifying round, could you imagine winning the World Championships?
2. How did you celebrate you victory?
3. It's easier to get to the top than it is to stay there. Aren't you scared of the pressure and responsibility that are on your shoulders now?
4. Did you see the Russian flag where it was written "Viva Lambiel"? Russia loves you!

1. Yes, I felt so strong that I knew I could do it.
2. I celebrated with my friends, family and fan club in Moscow, then in Switzerland and in Portugal. It was a non-stop party for 2 weeks.
3. No, I'm not scared. I've always worked very hard and I will keep working hard.
4. Yes, I saw it.

I saw your face on screen when you realised you had a favourable judgment after your skate, and although your body expressed so much in your reaction, are you able to put into words the feeling of that moment of realisation that the result of all those hours of hard work, the commitment and dedication to your passion was now a visible, tangible thing?

I can't describe my feelings, there were too many things going through my mind at that moment. I was certainly very proud of having finally reached the top.

1. How did you feel when you received the gold medal?
2. What's the sign you do with your fingers?

1. I was incredibly happy and thought of all the people who had helped me to get there.
2. I play the ladybug. It's my way of saying hello to the people who know me.

Vanessa (Portugal)
Do you think that you would feel differently if Evgeni Plushenko hadn't withdrawn and you had won against him?

In my head, I beat him. Even if he wasn't 100%, I did beat him in the qualifying round and in the short program, and when he withdrew, I took it as a sign that he felt that he wouldn't be able to beat me during the free program.

Vincent (Rennes, France)
Do people notice you in the street? How do you react?

People often congratulate me. It's nice and I always enjoy talking with them for a couple of minutes.

Indre (Lithuania)
What is your aim now that you have won the gold medal at Worlds?

To win more of them.

Petra (Czech Republic)
1. You are twenty and it seems that you've already reached your biggest dreams. I hope you realise your huge luck. There are so many people who, no matter how hard they try, will never see their dreams come true. What do you think is the reason why you've crossed this personal line of success?
2. Do you still have a dream (not necessarily related to figure skating) that hasn't come true? Something that is more important for you than these moments of absolute happiness that you've lived lately?

1. I've worked very hard to get there, it didn't fall down from heaven!
2. Of course, I have dreams like everybody, it's what keeps me going on. The most important, it's that my family stays healthy. And I would love to meet Britney.

Maria (US)
Around how many hours a week do you practice?

It changes from week to week, but about 15 on the ice and 15 off ice.

Elena (Russia)
I heard that you've taken some lessons from our famous Professor Alexei Mishin. Why have you decided to consult Alexei Mishin and not another coach? And what do you think of the Russian figure skating school?

Alexei Mishin is an excellent coach and I admire the Russian skating style. It's a very very very good school.

I'm a figure skating judge and, although there are a lot of troubles with the new system, I think Moscow was a sign that we are somehow moving in the right direction. Do you feel more confident since you know that jumps are no longer everything? Or do you think that the new system is as unstable as the old 6.0 system was?

I don't think too much about this, because no matter the judging system, the most important is to give 100% and to skate well.

A HUGE fan
1. I noticed that when you fall it doesn't bother you, you go on. What do you think when you fall and how do you keep the fall from interrupting your program?
2. Are you nervous when you get interviewed?
3. Which is your favorite place to visit?

1. Falling is part of the sport and there's no reason to give up.
2. No
3. My bed and the ice rink!

Colin (Skating Club of Boston)
Is there any advice that you could share that would help me hold my spins longer?

Your whole body, all the muscles have to be very tense and tight. And it takes lots of practicing.

1. At practice, do you only listen to your program music or also to something else?
2. Have you ever suddenly forgotten your program and had to improvise?

1. I always practice with background music and I constantly improvise. I listen to all kinds of music, depending on my mood.
2. Yes, I've already had to improvise.

Eszter (Hungary)
I saw that you were singing during your exhibition program. Do you like classical music in general or just Tosca?

I like classical music, like about every music style. I'm very open as far as music is concerned and my music center is always on.

Susanna (Montreal, Canada)
1. Have you ever tried tango music by Astor Piazzolla or Carlos Saura?
2. You have wonderfully unique and futuristic costumes. Who designs them?
3. What goes through your mind when you step on the ice and the music is about to start?
4. Imagine you've won an Olympic medal, who is the first person you would call on the phone?

1. Yes, I had a short program to Piazzolla once.
2. I design them myself.
3. I say to myself "Let’s go!"
4. I don't know yet.

Manuela (Munich, Germany)
1. Do you have a lucky charm or a special ritual that you do before competing?
2. Do you think that you could beat a healthy Evgeni Plushenko?
3. To which religion do you belong? If you are a Catholic, what did you think of the death of John-Paul II?
4. If you could choose, in which country would you like to live?

1. I sing before competing, it calms me down. And I have ladybugs about everywhere.
2. I will keep working very hard for this to happen.
3. I'm a Catholic. I was very busy at that time, I was in Portugal to celebrate my victory and my birthday, but I saw what was happening and it was moving.
4. In Switzerland.

Mélody (Switzerland)
1. When did you realize that figure skating was really your thing?
2. Are you scared before stepping on the ice at competitions?
3. Why do you prefer competitions to exhibitions?

1. The day I first put skates on.
2. No, I'm stressed, but it's a positive stress.
3. I like the adrenaline of the competitions.

Gabrielle (USA)
1. Who was you favorite skater growing up?
2. Who is your favorite skater now?
3. If you could go on a date with anyone in the world who would it be and why?

1. Ilia Kulik
2. Carolina Kostner
3. Britney Spears, to see if she's really the person she pretends to be.

Zsuzsi (Hungary)
1. Do you have to eat special, just healthy food, or can you eat everything you want?
2. What are your favourite songs from Britney's first album "Baby one more time" and from Avril Lavigne's 2nd album "Under my skin"?
3. How long do you want to continue skating?

1. I make sure I eat healthy, but I eat everything I want.
2. "Crazy" and "Born to make you happy" for Britney, and I like all of Avril Lavigne's songs on that album.
3. I don't know.

Dadka (Slovakia)
How did you manage to get through your final school exams (graduation)?

My friends and teachers helped me a lot. Without them, I wouldn't have made it.

Magda (Poland)
What did you do with school? Did you resign? And what about the future? Now you are young and marvellous in skating but aren't you scared that some day you will have to quit skating?

I stopped studying a few months ago, but I can go back to university any time. That's why I did a "maturité" ["high school" diploma in Switzerland], to secure my future.

I'm wondering if you're planning on coaching later, and I'd also like to know if it's possible to watch your practices.

I give advice to the skaters who train with me, but I don't think I would be patient enough to become a coach. And no, my practices are not open to the public.

Danielle (UK)
1. What boots and blades do you have?
2. Where do you like to visit in Portugal?
3. Where do you learn to speak all of those different languages?

1. Graf Edmonton and Pattern 99.
2. I love going to the beach, to Lisbon and to my grandmother's.
3. I had German and English in school, but I mostly learn languages by travelling and meeting people.

Marta (Poland)
Could you tell something more about your Portuguese roots?

I love Portugal, it's a nice and warm country. I go there every summer to visit my grandmother and in winter, she comes to Switzerland.

Gamze (Germany)
Have you ever considered stopping single skating and taking up pairs?

No, but I already tried ice dancing and it was cool!

Anita (Moscow, Russia)
I'm interested in what you think of Moscow. Did you visit anything, for example, the Kremlin?

I went to the Red Square for a photo session, it was beautiful. I also had the chance to visit the Bolshoi theater while dancers were rehearsing and it was very impressing!

Ksenia (Russia)
1. What are you favorite places to visit in your country?
2. What are your favorite places to go to in your free time?
3. Who are your favorite sportsmen?

1. Valais (my state), Lausanne and Geneva.
2. I like going to the cinema and go dancing.
3. Roger Federer

Gonca (Turkey)
1. I saw your photos taken in Turkey. Did you enjoy this trip?
2. Does your second family live in Turkey or was it just a family holiday?
3. Your cat's name is Sabri, which is a Turkish name. Is it only a coincidence?

1. It was very nice, the atmosphere was great.
2. Just a family holiday.
3. Yes, it's a coincidence.

Britanni (Fort Worth, Texas, USA)
1. Do you get to travel to USA a lot?
2. Have you been to Texas?

1. I just toured with Champions on Ice, it gave me a chance to see some nice places. Before that, I had hardly seen anything of the US.
2. No, but I will some day.

Mihaela (Romania)
1. Are fans having an important place in your life? Do you have a special friend from your fans?
2. If someone goes to Switzerland where could we meet you?

1. I consider all my fans like friends.
2. In Valais.

Arina (Lviv, Ukraine)
Do you believe that a famous person like you can have friends and totally trust them?

Yes, of course, I have very close friends and I totally trust them.

1. Why can't you snowboard?
2. What do you like so much in Britney?
3. Do you prefer women with or without make-up?
4. Do you like going to open air festivals?
5. Do you also listen to rock or Irish music?

1. It's too dangerous.
2. Her personality and the way she moves.
3. Without
4. Yes
5. I like rock.

1. I would like to know if you like something you're ashamed of and, if yes, what and why?
2. Which is you favorite Disney movie?

1. I'm not ashamed of what I like, no matter what it is.
2. Aladdin, the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast

Elsa (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Have you seen the show of your cousin Yann? If yes, what did you think of it?

He's not my cousin and no, I haven't seen his show.

Sandra (Romania)
1. What are you going to do this summer? Are you going to travel?
2. What do you think about long-distance relationships?
3. Do you like football (soccer)?

1. Yes, I will go to Germany and Portugal.
2. It's very hard.
3. It's not my favorite sport…

Maria (Russia)
1. What could be the best gift of the fate for you?
2. Are you superstitious? Do you believe in predictions, horoscopes and so on?

1. I just would like to stay healthy.
2. Not really, just enough.

Jana (Czech Republic)
What do you do if you feel lonely?

I listen to music and I sing.

**************** LATEST QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ****************

January 16, 2007

Julia (Emmenbrücke, Switzerland)
How did your Spanish Free Programme come about?

I met Antonio Najarro the first time in July 2006, at the gala in Japan, and then again in September. We got along really well right from the start and we came up with the same ideas, and here we go.

Catherine (Liechtenstein)
How do you experience the audience, their excitement, applause and shouts during your Free Programme and how do they affect you? Do they encourage you or do you get nervous? Or are you able to blind it all out and to concentrate fully on your programme?

I’m completely in my own world and I can’t hear the shouts, the bells and the applause clearly, but I can feel the good vibes that support me.

Francesca (Italy)
I’ve seen all your recent exhibitions and you're skating to very modern songs (You're beautiful, I don't want to be, Fix You…) which I suppose you choose yourself. Do the songs mean something special to you?

I chose them because I like them and because their lyrics really matched my feelings at that time.

Elisabeth (Germany)

1. Do you really choreograph your exhibition programs or is it more an improvisation?

2. Do you have something like a ritual which you do before a competition?

1. A little bit of both.
2. My warm-up is very similar most of the time, I think you could call that a ritual.

Laetitia (Geneva, Switzerland)
Would you skate to a piece that has been composed for you only?

If I like the piece, why not?

Sim (Romania)
I want to ask you how bad missing a week or longer when you’re ill affects your training.

It depends on how severe the illness is, but I believe that if you get ill or injured, it is a sign of you body and therefore you should take a break, so that you can start anew.

Timee (Hungary)
1. What do your trainings contain? From what elements do they build up?
2. Have you learned any types of dancing? Does it help you to be a better skater?

1. Quality and regularity have priority over quantity. It is very important for me that I always skate through my programmes completely, but I also practice the elements separately, of course.
2. I took ballet, contemporary and flamenco classes and I dance a lot at the disco! This really helped me to fully use my body on the ice.

Aurélie (Morges, Switzerland)
1. What do you think about Alexei Yagudin?
2. If you had the possibility to work with Alexei, would you do it?

1. He’s an incredible skater.
2. Why not?

Veronica (Gothenburg, Sweden)
1. What are your goals in skating? Are you aiming for a special contest or do you just wish to compete and skate as long as you can?
2. Which is your best or funniest competition ever?

1. I just want to live my passion and to improve my skating each season. I will skate as long as my body and my mind will permit it and I will concentrate on objectives in order to push myself.
2. The best was Calgary and the funniest was Skate Canada!

Anaïs (Rouen, France)
1. Are you such a good spinner because you love to spin or because you got an innate talent for it?
2. Did people make fun of you because you chose a not so “manly” sport like e.g. ice hockey?
3. Has anybody ever tried to sabotage you at a competition?

1. Maybe I have a talent, I don’t know…
2. Nein.
3. Nein.

Pauline (Blonay, Switzerland)
1. Everyday we can see how merciless the media are! Do you fear Switzerland could ever become too demanding of you and that if you end up on third place “only” for once, the Swiss would stop supporting you ?
2. What did you feel when you entered the rink in Lausanne during Art on Ice 2006 when everybody gave you a standing ovation? Was it intimidating or rather scary?

1. This is also why I skate for myself and not for the media!
2. It is intimidating but also very moving.

Viana (USA)
Having participated in many skating competitions, you've pretty much been around the whole world and have visited many countries. Did you learn anything about the cultures of these countries? Do they have any influence on your skating programs?

I always try to see as much as I can of the country I go to, but mostly I only get to see the rinks and hotels. The competitions are in several different countries during one season. I therefore try to create programmes everybody likes.

Alfredo (Mexico)
Do you have any inspiration that you like for your costumes?

I like all different kinds of shows (ballet, circus, concerts...) and I’m really into fashion.

Hanna (Germany)
1. Are you planning on competing in the 2010 Olympics?
2. How many hours do you sleep?
3. Did you skate to the original "You're Beautiful" or to the edited one?
4. Did you watch the Eurovision? If you did, who did you vote for?
5. If there was one thing you could (or had to) change about yourself, what would it be?

1. Yes, but I take year by year.
2. 8 to 10 hours.
3. I’ve skated to the original, the edited and the live versions.
4. Nein.
5. I’d have longer days.

Danyka (Canada)
1. What do you think of synchronized skating?
2. Many 'normal' people wish to be you. Do you ever think of what it would be like to be average (i.e. university student)?

1. If the people are passionate about what they do, then any kind of sport is suitable to express oneself.
2. Almost all of my friends are students and sometimes I really wish I was in their stead…

Kari (Japan)
Do you enjoy skating in Japan? Please tell me what you feel, eat and buy when you’re here!

Yes, the audience is really amazing. I love to shop in Shibuya, once I had a very expensive ice cream in the Omotesando Mall and it was the best I’ve ever tried. The Prada and Christian Dior stores are fantastic!

Yoko (Sendai, Japan)
Are there any Japanese words that you can speak?

I’m trying my best to learn some Japanese words; I have a book of Japanese lessons!

Nastya (Russia, Perm)
1. You don't like computers. What means of communications do you prefer?
2. Are there some TV shows with famous skaters and about skating in your country?

1. I prefer to talk to people face to face.
2. Not yet.

Jana (Czech Republic)
I see on many photos that you wear a coat with fur. Is it real fur from animals?


Indy, USA
Are you doing your military service while you are in your competitive career?


Nina (Switzerland)
I’m sure you know the meaning of your name: “the crowned”. Do you think this is a coincidence or fate?

You gotta ask my parents! I suppose it’s a coincidence but maybe destiny is also involved.

Anete (Riga, Latvia)
What is your favourite fruit?


Erika (Sweden)
I read on "Ask Stéphane" that you want to be Gabrielle's second lover in "Desperate Housewives", and that you could be her cook for example. Are you a great cook? And if yes, do your friends think so to, or is it only you?

I’ve learned from my grandma and I really like to bake cakes. I think the people who’ve tasted them had a nice experience…

Nadine (Irkutsk, Russia)
With whom would you like to be stuck in a lift?

With my aunt, she would be so funny!

Lauriane (France)
1. Do you watch the Grand Chelem tournament?
2. Are you famous in Portugal?
3. Do you have a childhood dream?

1. Yes, I love tennis.
2. Not really.
3. To be able to participate in international competitions.


June 28, 2006

Cindy (Siebnen, Switzerland)
Did you ever fear that you wouldn't be able to skate at the Olympics because of your injury?

Yes, when the doctor told me what I had, but once the shock was over, we did everything possible so that I could skate.

Elina (Solothurn, Switzerland)
I got the feeling that you were a little unsure at the beginning of your free program in Torino. What went through your mind and are you happy with your performance?

Emotionally, it was the hardest and most demanding competition of my life. I tried to do my best despite the pressure and even if it wasn't the performance I had dreamt of, I'm satisfied.

Lauriane (Paris, France)
1. What was your reaction when you realized that you had medaled at the Olympics?
2. Do you watch the other skaters when you're not on the ice yourself?

1. The world stopped spinning. I couldn't see anything of what was happening around me and couldn't speak anymore. My body didn't react and I didn't understand a thing until I was on the podium.
2. No.

Åsa (Sweden)
Does any of your medals mean more than the others? If so, which one and why?

The medal from Torino represents a lot. An Olympic medal is harder to win than any other, and that makes it all the more valuable.

Katka (Košice, Slovakia)
How do you put up with all the pressure, not only during the competitions, but also the pressure of the media?

My team and my relatives help me to deal with it. Before and during the Olympics, I also had a medical staff with me, because of my injury, and they helped me a lot too.

Vladislava (Krasnodar region, Russia)
Who did you support in Torino in the pairs', ice dancing and women's events?

The best skaters – I mean, my favorites!!

Tonya (Bulgaria)
What has inspired you during the years of hard training?

Figure skating is how I can best express myself. I need that. I've followed all competitions on TV since 1990 and all the major skaters have inspired and motivated me.

Monica and Cécile (Geneva, Switzerland)
Your triple axel was downgraded to a double in your free program in Calgary, even though it seemed perfect: did you and Peter Grütter get any explanation for that?


Gina (Switzerland)
1. How is your knee?
2. Have you already suffered many injuries?

1. Good, thanks.
2. I've had several injuries, like any sportsman. For instance, I had surgery on the right knee in 2002 and on the left in 2004, and this season it's again the right knee that hurt.

Will you represent Switzerland at international events for many more years?

I hope so. My health will decide.

Amandine (Paris area, France)
Now that you're a two-time World Champion and an Olympic silver medalist, what more do you want to achieve?

My only goal is to keep improving and learning new things, in my sport as well as in my life in general.

Cara (Canada)
1. Are you pressured by all the expectations going into next season, especially now that you've won the Olympic silver medal and another world title?
2. Is skating something you really want to do for the rest of your life or do you have something else in mind?

1. I'm simply working to improve and don't worry too much about that.
2. I'll skate as long as I'm healthy. After that, I'll find something else to do.

Susen (Germany)
What did your parents say when you told them you wanted to become a figure skater?

My mom wanted me to play ice hockey and my dad told her that if I wanted to figure skate, they had to let me do that.

Maria (Moscow, Russia)
1. At what point of your career did you understand that you should devote yourself to figure skating and that you would be able to achieve success in this field?
2. Do you remember your first competition? What was it like?

1. When I first started skating.
2. It was the "Coupe du Rhône" in Monthey, I skated to a music by Vangelis and had a turquoise costume. And I won.

Nina (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
I presume that you had to give up some things in order to focus on skating. What did you give up, and was it hard to make the decision to devote such a big part of your life on something so risky? It's a long way from dreaming to making your dreams come true...

My studies, among other things. It's a long way, it's hard work, so it must be a passion.

Vera (St-Petersburg, Russia)
1. How long does it take to choreograph a competitive program?
2. When you're looking back, what's been your best skate so far? The one you like to recall, thinking "WOW, it was just perfect!"

1. First, I have to find the right music and concept for my new programs, and that takes a lot of time. Then it all goes quite fast. I just go on the ice, improvise and find moves that fit the music.
2. My qualifying skate in Washington, my free program in Dortmund and the whole week in Calgary, especially after such a long season.

Mélody (Switzerland)
How many hours a week do you train?

20 to 25 hours, including 10 to 15 hours on the ice.

How many hours of ballet does your training include?

One week a year, during a camp with Salomé.

What goes through your mind before stepping on the ice?

"I must give it all."

Marion (Germany)
I read that some of your spins only got level 1 at the European Championships. What's your opinion about that?

The judging system asks for complicated combinations, not for beautiful spins. In that sense, I don't understand why the rotational speed isn't taken into account.

Do you think that judges are always objective when they assess a skater? Do you think that the marks depend on the "political" position of the skater's country?

As far as I'm concerned, judges have always been fair. There is nothing I question... except the downgrading of my triple axel in Calgary, but that's not the judges' fault.

Taylor (United States)
How do you come up with all those ideas for your costumes? Who does them?

Ever since I was little, I've always enjoyed creating my costumes. I find ideas and put them on paper, and then a dress maker sews them for me.

Myriam (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Seeing how busy you are, do you have any time for your family and friends? Do you often go out?

I can't be in contact with my family and friends every day - I have too much to do. I regret it, but right now I want to enjoy all the opportunities that I get. I hope it'll calm down in a few years and that I'll have more time for my relatives then. I hardly ever go out, it's part of my lifestyle.

Marta (Białystok, Poland)
How is your training planned during a year? When do begin your training session?

I train all year long, except when an injury forces me to take a break.

Mathilde (Switzerland)
1. In the summer, do you also train on ice or only off ice?
2. Do you keep the gifts you get from your fans?

1. Both, like the rest of the year.
2. I get so many gifts that I have to sort them out, but yes, I keep many gifts.

Nico (Switzerland)
1. How old were you when you started skating?
2. What do you do when you get back home after a competition?

1. 7
2. I sleep!

Aurélie (Belgium)
I'd like to know if figure skating fulfills you, and if you ever felt like giving up.

Yes, it does, and no, I never really wanted to give up, even though I've had some harder times that brought doubt to my mind.

Tell me, Stéphane, is figure skating a sport or an art?

Figure skating is a complete mix. It requires perfect body and movement control, and you have to be both an artist and an athlete.

Kasia (Poland)
During which skating element or moment in the program do you feel really free? Is there any moment like this?

During the quad toeloop.

Anaïs and Charline (Rouen, France)
Are you right or left-handed, and does that have any influence on your skating?

Right-handed, and no, it doesn't have any influence.

Craig (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)
What is your interest in "The Little Prince"? Do you identify with this character and in what way?

I like the way he sees the world, which is totally different from how mass society sees it.

1. Do you feel the support of the fans when you skate? How can you describe it?
2. Who is your favorite French singer?

1. Yes, it makes me stronger. I need to feel one with the audience.
2. You might think I'm crazy, but I think that out of the French singers I like, it's Jenifer I listen to the most…

Cece (USA)
Is it important to you to connect with the fans?

Yes, I need to feel that connection and that I can bring something to my fans, like a little ray of sunshine.

Anna (Virginia, USA)
1. I see you are a fan of Roger Federer, so am I! Are you friends with him and do you play any tennis?
2. Do you have a favorite brand?
3. How much chocolate do you really eat?

1. Yes and yes!
2. Gucci.
3. A lot of Cailler chocolate, especially when I feel blue.

A fan in Texas (USA)
1. My cousin asked me a question the other day that made me laugh: If there was a tennis match on ice between you and Roger Federer, who would win?
2. Do a lot of people recognize you when you go out to do normal things? Things like shopping, eating at restaurants, checking mail, going to a petrol station, etc. Do people bother you? What do you do?

1. We should try and see!
2. Yes, people often recognize me, but that doesn't bother me and I usually just say hi or talk to them.

Olga (St.Petersburg, Russia)
Do you like classic music, if yes then what kind? Piano, violin, symphonic...? And who is your favorite composer?

I like violin and piano the most. My favorite composer is maybe Rachmaninov, I love his concertos, but I really like a lot of composers.

Bianca (Morat, Switzerland)
Do you think it's possible to be happy if you can't fulfill your dreams?

It depends on which dreams you're talking of. If they're totally impossible in the first place or not. I believe that to be happy, you have to be at one with yourself, with your needs and with the world.

Jane (Russia)
1. To whom do you dedicate your victories?
2. I'm ballet dancer and admire dancers of the Bolshoi theatre. Have you visited it?

1. I might sound selfish, but mostly to myself.
2. Yes! I went there after my victory at Worlds to do a photo shooting. I met the dancers when they were training. It was very impressive!

Jessica (Maryland, USA)
I saw pictures of your hometown, Saxon. It looks delightful. Isn't it weird to go back home to that kind of place after visiting big cities such as New York, D.C, etc?

It's kind of weird, yes, but it's very nice. Switzerland is the most beautiful country in the world, it's clean, there're mountains, the sun…

Carmen (Portugal)
I know that your mother is Portuguese. Do you often come here? What is your favorite place here?

I usually come twice a year. I love the shopping malls, because they're open late, unlike in Switzerland!

Ieva (Latvia)
Which is the most extraordinary place you have ever been to?

Florence in Italy.

Katja (Russia)
1. Do you know Spanish or Russian?
2. How often do you use Internet?

1. I understand Spanish but я не говорю по-русски (I don't speak Russian).
2. Hardly ever, I'm not fond of technology.

Amy (Berlin, Germany)
My question is about the necklace you wear, in particular the hand pendant, which I have always associated with Judaism. What is the reason behind your wearing it in combination with the cross? Do you have a connection to both religions?

It's not a religious symbol for me, just something that protects me from bad karma.

Stephanie (Switzerland)
You seem to be a happy and funny person. What makes you laugh?

I'm very sensitive and need to laugh and to cry, for just about anything.

1. Do you smoke?
2. How late do you sleep when you have a day off?

1. No!
2. Till noon.

Varvara (Kiev, Ukraine)
Do you have a motto?

Semper Profice - Always forge ahead!

Marina (Tula, Russia)
Would you like to star in a film and in what kind of film?

Yes! I'd love to be Gabrielle's second lover in "Desperate Housewives" - I could be her cook for example!

Marienkäfer (Vilnius, Lithuania)
1. You skate to "Four Seasons". Which one is your favorite?
2. Now that you're famous, do you feel the pressure of fame? Do you actually feel famous?
3. Who gives you the most support and psychological strength?
4. Are you scared of anything?

1. Summer.
2. I don't think about it, I just try to do everything as simply as possible.
3. My mom, and all my friends and relatives.
4. I'm scared of never having time to do all I want to do. I wish the days were longer…

Christina (Hungary)
What's been the most beautiful day of your life?

The day when my dad made a speech, during the party in Saxon after my return from the Olympics.

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Перевод 28 декабря 2003 года

Перевод 28 февраля 2004 года

Перевод 6 марта 2005
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